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Cool Reversi strategy

Important concepts

Mobility - The number of moves available to you at a given time.  The more options that you have the better the chance of making a good move.  Try to minimize your opponents Mobility.
Potential Mobility - The number of empty squares adjacent to your opponents discs.  The higher your potential mobility the greater your chance of having a good move in an upcoming turn.  Try not to let your opponent have a high potential mobility.
Corners - in general corners are the ultimate strategic position that can allow you to control every position adjacent to it.  Once you take a corner its yours until the end. Moving diagonally adjacent to an empty corner - Generally considered risky because it can cause you to lose the corner.

The most common strategy is to maximize your mobility and potential mobility while minimizing your opponents mobility and potential mobility.  By doing this you will have the opportunity to force your opponent into making a bad move which will allow you to take a corner.  Once you have a corner you can usually force your opponent into more bad moves.  Remember that the score has little meaning until the final moves of the game.  It is very common to have a large number of discs in your color only to lose in the final few moves.


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